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Real Estate Pre-Photo Checklist

In today's real estate market, nearly all home buyers start their search online. Your property is about to go on display and needs to look it's absolute best. Please try to follow the pre-shoot checklist to help you make your house look it's very best:

Both the interior and exterior should be ready for photos.​ 

FlashBack photographers will only move small items to help the photo look better.

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General Prep


Less Is Best!

Turn OFF All Fans

Vacuum Carpets & Mop Hard Floors

Clean (de-clutter) Countertops

Clean Windows (smears show!)

Clean Fan Blades

Turn On All Lights & Lamps

Replace Burned Out Bulbs

Turn Off TV’s & Computers

Open Blinds & Window Treatments

Remove Most Personal Photos

Clear shelves of most items

Remove all pet items

Take pets off property if possible


Dining / Living Room


Clear Tables

Use Decorative Place Settings

Feature Center Piece (Flowers, etc.)

Straighten Chairs & Space Evenly

Remove Child Seats / Booster Chairs

Remove Small Rugs & Mats

Remove Magazines / Papers / Mail / etc.

Clear Fireplace Mantel & Hearth

Do Not Block Fireplace

Arrange Pillows

Hide Shoes & clothing In Closets

Remove Holiday Decorations if possible

Hide TV Remotes




Clear Countertops Completely- Less Is Best!

Hide Toothbrushes, Medications, etc.

Put Seats Down

Close Closet / Cabinet  Doors

Remove Shampoo, Soap, Loofahs, etc.

Open Shower Curtains To Show Faucets

Remove Dirty Towels & LaundryBaskets

Hang Fresh Towels

Remove Floor Mats

The photographer will not handle any personal hygiene items.



Close Garage Doors

Remove Cars From  Driveway

Hide Trash Cans

Remove Empty Planters

Remove Cobwebs From Eaves & Doors

Hide Water Hoses

Remove Toys & Sports Equipment

Clean Porch & Patio, Arrange Tables & Chairs

Clean Pool & Remove Vacuum Hose

Hide Pool Toys

Hide Pool Cleaning Supplies

Turn On Water Features

Clean Docked Watercraft

Organize Fishing Gear

Remove Covers From Grill & Outdoor Kitchen




Clear Countertops Completely- Less Is Best!

Clear Refrigerator Magnets / Photos

Hide Garbage Cans in Pantry or Closet

Remove Dishes From Sink

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Clean Counter Tops Of Smudges

Clear Island

Hide Pet Food & Water Bowls

Remove Floor Mats & Remove Towels From Oven

Hide Paper Towels & Napkins




Make Beds

Press Bed Skirts

Clear Nightstands of Personal Items

Hide Charging Cables

Clear Dresser Tops

Avoid hiding items under the bed, they often show

Remove children's names from bedrooms

Remove photos of children

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