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Why "Lifestyle Portraits" ?

What is the difference in a lifestyle portrait and a headshot?

They are the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably but MY difference is that I equate "headshot" with an in studio portrait and "lifestyle portrait" with an on location portrait.

Real estate agent headshots are often quite old or more often, very standard fare that say nothing about who you are or your personality.  My goal is to move away from run of the mill, stuffy or very old headshots and towards lifestyle portraits.  These are used for the very same thing, they are meant to enhance your brand as a real estate agent.  My goal, the goal of FlashBack Photo, is to provide you with an alternative to the plain, in studio, standard headshot.  Lets convey a little bit of your personality and build your brand.

FYI: The term "Headshot" was first used in about 1936 by those that were dreaming of becoming a star of the silver screen.  

How it works

Book your appointment: Keep the weather and accessibility of the location you choose in mind as well as assuring that the location is within the FlashBack service area.

Let's talk: We begin with a conversation to understand your branding goals and personal style. We can also discuss possible locations for your photo session. (I'll call you!)

Photo session: My goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable experience in a location of your choice that helps convey your personality. 

Retouching: Expert retouching enhances your positive features while maintaining authenticity.

Delivery: You’ll receive at least 3, fully edited, high-resolution images via your personal FlashBack portal. If you want a certain finished size please let me know, otherwise you will get images cropped to approximately 8 x 10 at 300dpi.  An email link will be sent to you upon completion.



If you work in the real estate industry, your face is a big part of your branding. Remember, you are really selling yourself along with your expertise. This starts with a good first impression, your headshot.



This is a great way to say something about your business practices and target a specific audience.

Choose a background that’s in line with what you do. If you sell up-scale residential real estate, a beautiful neighborhood serves as a great setting. You can also use a local landmark or attraction as a backdrop to connect you to your service area in central Florida. Maybe incorporate your hobby or a personal passion into your photo.


Potential customers view a lack of confidence as weakness, and this is a liability in the real estate industry.

Remember, very few people like being photographed, try to see yourself as others see you.


A fake smile is transparent, so try to remain in a good mood and have fun while at your session.

Small talk and keeping it light with your photographer won’t hurt and may just help capture your natural smile.


Keep the focus on you and your personality. It is better to avoid using props such as cell phones or standing next to a for-sale sign. If you feel more comfortable with a prop, make sure it conveys your personality.  Props should be subtle & understated in most cases. Will this prop help a prospective client relate to you?


Keep in mind that we strive to make you look approachable with a lifestyle photo, you want to look good and put together. Try to avoid any busy patterns or too much jewelry that distracts from your personality. (If tons of jewelry IS your personality, GO FOR IT)


Keep your hairstyle along the lines of your day-to-day look. A professional haircut that you like will give you some extra confidence during the session. 


During your photo session your makeup should remain as natural as possible. Don’t overdo it just because you’re having a photo taken.


This is not a trip to the dentist!

You should look completely relaxed in your real estate lifestyle portrait.  Unfortunately, when a photographer tells you to relax, it can actually make you tense!  It helps to get to know your photographer before the session. (This is one reason I offer a discount to current FlashBack Photo customers!)

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